Kellen Plaxco

Kellen Plaxco works broadly in the field of early Christian studies. His research focuses on the relationship between Hellenistic philosophy and early Christian theology, with an eye toward the development of the doctrine of the trinity in the first five centuries CE. Kellen received degrees from Baylor University (BA), Princeton Theological Seminary (MDiv), and the University of Notre Dame (MA) before pursuing a PhD in Historical Theology at Marquette University, where he was awarded a joint doctorate in Philosophy from KU Leuven (Belgium).

Kellen studied in Leuven, Belgium, with the support of a Fulbright Fellowship, and he now teaches Greek, Latin, and religious studies in the Saint Louis area. His most recent article introduces Didymus the Blind’s contributions to the fourth century debates, and he is currently at work on a book project tentatively entitled Origen and the Trinity.