The mission of X:PTS is to create an innovative pedagogical space for theological education in a digital age where to inspire students to activate new forms of Christian leadership and service by providing access to Princeton Seminary’s scholarly engagement of Christian theology and community oriented learning—via digital distribution.



Theology is a lifestyle choice. It's the pursuit of what makes living true and beautiful—the poetry of faith. It's not learning for the sake of having something, but to become someone in and with others. In this way, X:PTS reflects the best that Princeton Theological Seminary has to offer. We have shaped digital technology to our core values and have committed to making a statement about the very nature of digital learning


X:PTS offers field-shaping initiatives exploring new pedagogical approaches to teaching and curricular innovations that challenge conventional definitions of academic community. With X:PTS and our growing community of X:Members, we are reimagining traditional terms like student, user, audience, and consumer.


X:PTS is not a learning vending machine but a portal to relevant, socially engaged scholarship and community sustained learning that reflects the core values of Princeton Theological Seminary. We are committed to A) connecting people from around the world to share their insights, stories, and faith; and then B) networking activating our community of learners to change the world.